Web Hosting Packages Definition

offers all-inclusive web hosting packages, which include a free-of-cost installation of popular scripts, including WordPress (for your blog), phpBB2 (for your Internet forum), Coppermine (for your image gallery), osCommerce (for your web shop), Joomla (for your Content Management System-based website), and many more.

Each shared web hosting package features a free, user-friendly 1-click PHP script installer, with whose help you will be able to activate any of the more than 50 popular PHP scripts available with only ONE click of the mouse. More importantly, you don't need to have any script configuration, coding or web design experience. Just select a desired website hosting package, pick a preferred script and... enjoy an easy, fast and uncomplicated site installation!

An Advanced Web Hosting Solution

All hosting packages provided by us offer unmetered disk drive storage space and web traffic. Some of the plans give you the chance to host unmetered domain names and to create unmetered databases. But what makes our website hosting packages unique is the inclusion of the Memcached distributed memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator. And while they are available for an additional fee with 's low-cost web hosting packages, you will obtain them for free with the Corporate and Enterprise hosting plans. PŠ¾stgreSQL, InnoDB and NodeJS support is available too.