What Precisely are Secure Sockets Layer Certificates?

Online security is a topmost priority for everybody who buys goods online, and your customers will demand nothing but the highest possible security level when they buy your services.

What Does SSL Stand for?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a technology that safeguards your online shop or sign-on page. The SSL certificates, also called digital certificates, cipher the sensitive details required from website visitors like physical address, date of birth, national identification number, driving licence or credit card info, so that no one could use this information for illegal purposes.

Your website guests can identify a secure website by the ‘https' part at the beginning of the web address, or by the padlock icon in the web browser window, or by a special seal on the website.

The SSL certificates offer 256-bit encryption, and include a $10 000 US dollar warranty and a site seal for your website. You need to have a static IP.

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