Web Apps Installer

Each of our web hosting packages features a free-of-cost, Hepsia web hosting Control Panel-integrated, 1-click Web Apps Installer tool, which you can use to install different popular PHP scripts. It is extremely easy to use - you can build your personal journal, Internet forum, Content Management System-based website, online image gallery or online shopping portal with only one mouse click and you don't need to possess any technical expertise.

The free-of-cost one-click web application installer can save you not only time, but also money. Employing a webmaster to install a popular PHP application on your behalf will cost you cash. With us, you can install as many scripts as you wish without contributing a single cent.




The world's most popular blog software comes pre-activated and pre-configured with each hosting package.



An innovative tool for creating web shops, with over two hundred and seventy five useful built-in features.



Ready-to-use e-commerce portal. With many templates at your disposal, you can swiftly start your online store.



A functionality-rich content management application with an accent on aesthetics and convenience.



A popular content management app with lots of add-ons, and a very active community.



A free-of-cost teaching platform, ideal for pedagogues. It permits anyone to set up an online learning portal.



An advanced CRM web application, which can help you boost your sales and expand your market reach.



The most popular platform for managing real estate portals, supported by a large and enthusiastic community of users.